March 2012

Feature Volunteer: Pat Koval

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Patricia A. Koval is a partner of Torys LLP, a Canadian business law firm based in Toronto, Ontario. She practices in M&A, corporate finance and governance. She is Co-Chair of Torys’ India Group and of Torys’ Climate Change and Emissions Trading Practice Group. She is also a member of the Environmental Finance Advisory Committee and [...]

February 2012

Feature Volunteer: Laura Irving

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My passion for animals began in the early years. As a child it was all about cats (domestic & wild) and owls. I was fascinated by both and knew then how lucky we are to have wildlife in our world. It wasn't until many years later I had the opportunity to help wildlife that are [...]

January 2012

Feature Volunteer: Debrupa Pathak

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Debrupa joined the KTTC as a board member in November 2011.  She moved to Peterborough in April 2010 to work in the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and joined the KTTC after hearing about the great work they have been doing through friends in Fleming College.  Debrupa is passionate about Ecology and Conservation and has [...]

November 2011

Feature Volunteer: Dianne Barclay

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The KTTC is happy to welcome the latest addition to its board of directors Dianne Barclay! Dianne is a mother of six with deep roots in the Peterborough community. She enjoys volunteering with many local charities, including the YMCA, and is a proud owner of three rescue dogs. She has lived in Peterborough for 22 [...]

July 2011

Feature Volunteer: Rebecca Withers

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Rebecca, a recent graduate of the vet tech / wildlife rehabilitation program, was looking for a job. She stopped in at KTTC in late April to see if there were any positions available and met with Dr. Sue Carstairs. Sue explained that we are grass-roots, primarily volunteer-run charity, but that Rebecca was welcome to come [...]

Turtle Taxi Tripper

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A Painted Turtle is returned home after its injuries have healed. Do you like roadtrips? How about travelling the province to help save injured turtles - or take them home once they've recovered? KTTC's turtle taxi volunteers do just that! This past season Megan travelled a total of 1400km transporting recovered turtles back [...]

April 2011

Feature Volunteer: Sam Conroy

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Sam Conroy is KTTC’s resident Wormologist. Sam has been a turtle person since her childhood when she was given a red eared slider to care for. Throughout her teaching career Sam has worked with her students to introduce them to the outdoors and to the plants and animals of the wetlands in their own neighbourhoods. [...]

Anne Trimm

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Anne Trimm has been a turtle lover for several years and has also been active in helping rescue dogs and cats. Westies are her special passion, but she also fosters injured cats while they recover, and has rescued countless numbers of turtles and other wild animals on her regular walks in the rural area where [...]

Feature Volunteer: Lysa Borland

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I first became aware of KTTC through a friend of mine in the fall of 2007. With a little bit of arm twisting I began my current role as treasurer in the spring of 2008. It's been a challenging and exciting time to be part of the organization throughout this period. I have been employed [...]

January 2011

Feature Volunteer: Annita Newell

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I took early retirement in 2005 and after a few years of catering to my own need for a break from responsibility, it was time to start giving back to the community. I joined the KTTC as a board member in February of 2009 on the suggestion of a friend who knew of my interest [...]

Feature Volunteer: Cindy Woolley

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My introduction to the KTTC was through one of the original volunteers, Cathy Dixon. My daughter Samantha Woolley needed to start her volunteer hours in high school. Talking to Cathy at work (TD Canada Trust) she suggested that we join her at Lansdowne Place to help with an outreach day. Seeing as we did not [...]

Fleming College Credit for Product Project

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During the winter months we are proud to be hosting four students from the 3rd year Credit for Product course in the Ecosystem Management Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College.  The students will be working at the centre helping out with turtle care and doing some research on our current data, as well as literature [...]