Here are some amphibian and reptile organizations and projects that the OTCC is aware of or involved with. Please email us if you know of a link that should be added to this page.

Conservation Programs


Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres

OTCC has about 40 First Responders through the province – these are primarily veterinarians who donate their time to help us ensure turtles across the province get timely emergency care before being transferred to OTCC.  We provide any training necessary, and any equipment/supplies needed.  We don’t advertise the names of these first responders or the clinics, since their availability will change depending on the day, time, and staff that is present.  All calls must go through our Hotline staff at 705-741-5000, who then arranges which first responder would be available to take an injured turtle on that particular day.


Pet Rescues


Naturalist Groups


Educational Programs


Turtles & Tortoises of the World


Turtles Fun & Games