My passion for animals began in the early years. As a child it was all about cats (domestic & wild) and owls. I was fascinated by both and knew then how lucky we are to have wildlife in our world. It wasn’t until many years later I had the opportunity to help wildlife that are injured or orphaned. I have been volunteering for 14 years and have had the privilege of educating the public with raptors on my arm as well as rescue of owls and hawks in trouble.

When I decided to move back to my home town of Peterborough, I immediately set out to find wildlife volunteer opportunities in this region. Learning about turtles in our region has been eye-opening. First I was a rescue driver for KTTC then was asked to look after the online store, and memberships. When orders come in from our website store, I package them and mail. Membership renewals are sent though out the year and Membership cards with a letter are issued. As I work full time, I can do these tasks on my own hours.  My fellow volunteers will sometimes get emails from me at 5 am!

It is great to be a volunteer at KTTC. I have met wonderful people and it gives me a chance to be involved with wildlife.