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Turtles are Disappearing from Ontario, but YOU can Help!

Help turtles by volunteering with the OTCC.

In addition to the positions listed below, we often require help from individuals with specialized skills, such as tradespeople and graphic designers. Please contact us to find out more about how you can contribute to the work of the OTCC.

Full training is provided to all volunteers.

Turtle Taxi:

Turtle Taxi volunteers are needed for the occasional transport of injured turtles in need of quick medical attention. While some drives are local, we do often receive calls regarding turtles from farther away that are in need of transport, so if you live far from the Peterborough area, or you commute on a regular basis you can still help out! Names are placed on a contact list and emails are sent out when there is an injured turtle in need of transport. You only need to respond to the email if you are available to do the drive. Turtles will be transported in enclosed containers – drivers do not need handle the animals directly. Interested volunteers do not need to have any experience with turtles to apply, but must have access to a vehicle.

Turtle Care:

Turtle Care volunteers help with the ongoing care (feeding/cleaning) of the injured turtles that are in the rehabilitation process at our centre. Often our turtle patients can spend up to a year in our care as they recover from their injuries. You must be at least 18 and be able to commit to one 2-3 hour shift per week for a minimum of three months. This program involves attending a volunteer orientation before starting to work with the turtles.


Volunteers are needed to assist with fund-raising projects such as raffles, special events, membership & sponsorship drives, and sales of promotional items such as t-shirts. Past experience with not-for-profit organizations and an ability to work with other volunteers are essential. Experience in fundraising, marketing, event management, grant writing and media relations are all assets but enthusiasm for a great cause is paramount.

Outreach & Education:

OTCC is looking for Outreach Volunteers to help educate the public on the plight of Ontario Turtles. Full training will be provided and you will be set up in teams. These positions require that volunteers be comfortable with public speaking and to be willing to commit to one event per month. Interested candidates will be interviewed and must give a short 5-minute presentation to on a wildlife issue of their choice.

Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre Volunteers

Turtle Care Volunteers –  Turtle Feeders 

Each of our turtle species requires a specialized diet to keep them healthy (and their injuries healing) while at our Centre. Many of these volunteers also help out with turtle tank cleanings when an extra hand is needed. We rely on our wonderful “Feeder” volunteers to ensure that each turtle gets an appropriate balance of protein, fat, fiber, etc. in their diets. Our Feeders provide different combinations of earth worms, small fish, pellets, and leafy greens to our turtles!

  • Barb E.
  • Carol S.
  • Cathy S.
  • Joanne O.
  • Marilyn B.
  • Marilyn H.
  • Vicki B.
  • Wendy F.

Turtle Care Volunteers – Turtle Tank Cleaners 

Turtles are wonderful animals, but they can create quite the mess in their tanks! We are so grateful for our Turtle Tank Cleaning volunteers for the time that they spend draining, scrubbing, and refilling turtle tanks. As our turtles heal, the water levels in their tanks are gradually increased. It takes great attention to detail to make sure that water levels are just right, basking platforms are stationed properly, and that the turtle will ultimately be encouraged to heal through living in a clean temporary home at our Centre.

  • Courtney L.
  • Dave V.
  • Dawn W.
  • Drew M.
  • Dylan P.
  • Eric M.
  • Jesse J.
  • Julia W. (volunteer vet technician)
  • Katie M.
  • Keira G.
  • Kelton
  • Lisa B.
  • Mackenzie J.
  • Margaret C.
  • Melanie M.
  • Melissa
  • Rachel B.
  • Rachelle F.
  • Rob S.
  • Sadie T.
  • Sam H.
  • Sarah G.
  • Scott D.
  • Selby S.
  • Shawna L.
  • Sue H.
  • Tiffany M.

Education and Outreach Volunteers

Our Education and Outreach volunteers spread awareness and knowledge about Ontario’s turtle species and the habitats in which they live. Our Education and Outreach team reaches thousands of people each year of all ages and backgrounds. This team is what connects all of the great work going on at the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre with the public, arming members of the public with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions, and to become stewards in whatever ways they can.

  • Amber L.
  • Andrea H.
  • Cristen W.
  • Drew M.
  • Eliza M.
  • JB J.
  • Jeannine B.
  • Jessica F.
  • Joanne O.
  • Julie D.
  • Kennedi L.
  • Melanie P.
  • Patrick H.
  • Petra M.
  • Rob S.

Turtle Taxi Volunteers

Our Turtle Taxi Volunteers enable hundreds of turtles from all over Ontario to receive life-saving treatment and care each year! We take in injured turtles from as far away as the London/Chatham area, Windsor, Sudbury, and Thunder Bay. This generous group of volunteers drives injured turtles to the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre when the person who found the injured turtle is unable to do it themselves. Long-distance trips often involve multiple drivers to get the turtle from the location it was found to the OTCC.

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Volunteers are a vital part of our organization!