January 2022

Maia Schnalzer – Education and Outreach Liaison

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The last few months I have spent at the OTCC have been nothing but exciting. I have been lucky enough through an internship course at Trent University to be an education and outreach liaison at the OTCC. I helped with reaching people far and wide who want to know more about Ontario’s native turtles. [...]

June 2021

Education – the Greatest Superpower in the Fight to Protect Ontario’s Native Turtles

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I have a pretty cool job. My 9-5 (sometimes 12-8 depending on the day), is a little different than the average desk position. I spend my day recruiting new turtle troopers from all over the province to add to our growing club of turtle heroes. Now you’re probably wondering how I do that? [...]

April 2019

Part 3: A Tale of Two Turtles

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So, just how did Andrea and Shellbie end up together? There was a time when each had their very own habitat, their very own tank. They were quite happy, swimming and basking, eagerly peering and probing for the tasty morsels that were dropped into their tanks. Shellbie was living in the area that is primarily [...]

February 2019

Part 2: A Tale of Two Turtles!

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Meet Shellbie, a strikingly coloured Midland Painted turtle. The painted turtle is known for their colourful shell, especially the rim of the carapace.. It really does look like someone took a paint brush and added strokes of gold and red to adorn.  Adult painted turtles range from 4 to 6 inches long and the females [...]

January 2019

October 2018

The End of a Great Field Season

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With the days getting shorter and cool weather settling in, the field season has come to an end! We have been diligently tracking juvenile Blanding’s turtles using radio telemetry equipment in several beautiful bogs, marshes, fens, and vernal pools. Our field team was led by Toby Rowland, and included Kelton Adderley-Heron, Kirstin Pellerin, and [...]

September 2018

Robyn Bell – Education Student

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Hello everyone! My name is Robyn Bell, and I am currently a second year Bachelor of Education student at Trent University in Peterborough. I began volunteering with the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTTC), specifically their Education and Outreach program, as a part of my alternative practicum placement. I knew that the OTCC would be [...]

August 2018

How DO you Bring People to Love Snapping Turtles???

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You don't, snapping turtles will do that for you! Seriously! My fascination with the snapping turtle began many years ago. I'd spot them floating with their carapace just breaking the surface of the water, catching rays of the sun. This helps to bring their body temperature up to that optimum, comfortable temperature needed for their [...]

September 2015

2015 Fall Visiting Hours

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Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre Visiting Hours We have some exciting news happening now until the end of November! KTTC will have weekend visiting hours from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, please stop by the Centre to meet and learn about turtles, check out our new hatchlings, and enjoy the outdoor education area while the [...]

August 2015

Great Turtle Turnout at the ROM!

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Education Coordinator, Lauren, showcasing the shell of a Blandings turtle while engaging with the public on turtle conservation. The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center was all the buzz at the Royal Ontario Museum last weekend as families were able to engage and learn about Ontario’s  turtles. The KTTC was visiting as part of the Partners in Protection [...]

September 2012

KTTC @ Peterborough Field Naturalists

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All are welcome to come out to the Peterborough Field Naturalists' meeting on Wednesday, September 12th at 7:30pm, in the Auditorium of the Peterborough Public Library. The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre has been growing steadily since it first opened its doors in 2002. Kate Siena, Development Coordinator at the KTTC, will share with the group some of the successes [...]