March 2014

A New Face in the Pond: Let’s all Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day!

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At the KTTC we love St. Patrick’s Day. We might not celebrate with green beer, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have some fun! There are two reasons in particular that this holiday is so important to us. First, we happen to have a resident snapper named Paddy. The name comes from Irish origins and [...]

A New Face in the Pond: Settling In

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With glimpses of Spring all around us, I suddenly realized how quickly time is flying. I am already well past the halfway point in my time with the KTTC, and I have learned so much! I'll admit I was a little nervous at the beginning because of my lack of turtle knowledge, but I have [...]

A New Face in the Pond: Hi-burrr-nation

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As March begins the temperature has stayed right where it has been all winter – somewhere between “brrr” and “I can’t feel my face!” Today when I arrived at the KTTC my car’s display told me it was -20 outside. This frosty weather might be making me move a little slower, but it did get [...]

February 2014

A New Face in the Pond: The Snapping Turtle Hunt

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I’m sure many of you saw our recent Facebook post announcing that the City of Kawartha Lakes supports a ban on the Snapping Turtle hunt. This was amazing news! But to be honest, I was a little shocked. I couldn’t believe how an animal listed as a Species at Risk could still be hunted legally. [...]

A New Face in the Pond: The KTTC Family

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Today is Family Day, and in the spirit of the holiday I’m going to share a little bit about one of our KTTC family members, Handsome Paddy the Snapping Turtle. As you know, at the KTTC we believe wildlife belongs in the wild. We strive to release every turtle back to the location where it [...]

A New Face in the Pond: Turtle Love

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most people think of romantic love. However, I believe this holiday is a great opportunity to celebrate all types of love. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I will be devoting this post to celebrating the love of turtles! Being fairly new here at the KTTC, I thought [...]

A New Face in the Pond: Road Risks

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Like I said last week, my knowledge of turtles is minimal. But as I continue to work at the KTTC, I am learning so much.  For example, did you know that out of the eight species of native Ontario turtles, seven are considered Species at Risk? I found this information quite shocking. Turtles have been [...]

January 2014

A New Face in the Pond- Student Placement Blog Series

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Blog Post #1: Jumping in with Both Feet!  Let me introduce myself. My name is Laura McKenna, and I’m the new communications intern at the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre. Quite frankly, I don’t know much about turtles. I know they have shells, and I know they are cute little creatures that need our help. My [...]

December 2012

Feature Volunteer: JB Jaboor

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JB is a retired corporate executive from Toronto who recently relocated to the area to be closer to his family. JB has a long history of volunteering, including as a team leader with Habitat for Humanity, and is now pursuing his interest in wildlife by joining the Peterborough Field Naturalists and donating his time to [...]

November 2012

In memory of Joanne Nicholls

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In memory of Joanne Nicholls (1934-2009), who spent many years saving every dime she could to donate to Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre. Joanne had a special place in her heart for turtles and wanted to do what she could to help them survive. She is warmly remembered as the "Dime Lady" and has raised hundreds [...]

May 2012

Feature Volunteer: Dean Middleton

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Dean Middleton is a veterinarian and epidemiologist who works at Public Health Ontario. He has an interest in preserving the natural environment as well as the flora and fauna that live there. Of course, this includes turtles. As a member of the board, Dean assists with managing the data pertaining to turtles and grant writing.

Feature Volunteer: Richard Hurley

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Richard is a Full Professor in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at Trent University in Peterborough, ON. Richard has been a member of numerous charitable organizations since he and his family moved to the area in 1991 including serving on the Board of Directors for Five Counties Children’s Centre and was a founding [...]