June 2020

Meet Our 2020 Field Team!

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Hello everybody, our field team will be tracking 19 juvenile Blanding’s Turtles at our field site: 9 are wild hatched juveniles, 8 are head started juveniles (hatched and reared at the centre), 2 are translocated juveniles (turtles that were injured near the field site (hit by car etc.) and released into the field site [...]

August 2019

July 2019

Encounters, by Kelton Adderley Heron

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Our everyday adventures lead us to witness unique species throughout unique environments. From deep open water to shallow mud channels, over land to diminishing ephemeral pools, Blanding’s turtles travel and travel far. Most are found during such travels as their domed backs just slightly crests the surface, or as they bask in the sunlight. [...]

Nature’s Engineers: How Beavers

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Create Turtle Habitat, by Grace Wiley It wouldn’t take more that taking a nickel out of your pocket or biting into a “Beaver Tail” to remind you of this Canadian icon. Beavers are imbedded into Canadian culture and history. Whether you love them or think of them as a pest; [...]

Hide and Seek, by April DeJong

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Radio tracking turtles can be thought of as the most rewarding game of hide-and-go-seek there ever was, mostly because the reward is finding a gorgeous, potentially sassy reptile. Turtles are often portrayed as slow-moving animals but boy oh boy can these little critters move. Not only do our turtles move, but they travel to [...]

June 2019

Canoeing Through Obstacles, By John Ning

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While most people take a relaxing trip in the canoe and have fun with their friends and family, when the field team takes out the canoe for turtle research, it becomes a full body workout. We are all familiar with strong winds and some uncomfortable waves that prove difficult for canoeing, but [...]

May 2019

Sounds of the Field, by Grace Wiley

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As humans, we have five senses (sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing). A lot of us tend to rely on sight the most, but this week we are going to explore a day in the field from the perspective of my ears. I awake to the raspy call of an Eastern Phoebe at 6:30 [...]

April 2019

Part 3: A Tale of Two Turtles

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So, just how did Andrea and Shellbie end up together? There was a time when each had their very own habitat, their very own tank. They were quite happy, swimming and basking, eagerly peering and probing for the tasty morsels that were dropped into their tanks. Shellbie was living in the area that is primarily [...]

February 2019

Part 2: A Tale of Two Turtles!

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Meet Shellbie, a strikingly coloured Midland Painted turtle. The painted turtle is known for their colourful shell, especially the rim of the carapace.. It really does look like someone took a paint brush and added strokes of gold and red to adorn.  Adult painted turtles range from 4 to 6 inches long and the females [...]

January 2019

A Tale of Two Turtles

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Meet Andrea, a beautiful female Blanding’s turtle. Andrea has a story, her story of a journey interrupted. She was a mature turtle when the accident happened. Andrea was close to 20 years old, which is approximately how long it takes for a Blanding’s turtle to mature. It was during her journey across land and quite [...]

October 2018

The End of a Great Field Season

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With the days getting shorter and cool weather settling in, the field season has come to an end! We have been diligently tracking juvenile Blanding’s turtles using radio telemetry equipment in several beautiful bogs, marshes, fens, and vernal pools. Our field team was led by Toby Rowland, and included Kelton Adderley-Heron, Kirstin Pellerin, and [...]