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May 2019

August 2015

Making Ontario a Safer Place for Turtles

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With seven of the eight species of Ontario turtles listed as species at risk, OVC graduate Sue Carstairs is leading the charge to rehabilitate and protect them Every year more than 500 turtles are brought to the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre (soon to be the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre) with life-threatening injuries, usually because they have been [...]

December 2012

Your donations support turtle conservation innovation

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Northern Map Turtle recovering at KTTC. For the second year in a row Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre (KTTC) has admitted well over 600 turtles from across Ontario! With seven of the eight species now listed as Species at Risk, it is encouraging how quickly word is spreading about our hospital. More and more [...]

New Field Study: Tracking Released Babies

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New this year, we have started a field study to track and monitor the movement, growth, and survival of a group of young Blanding’s turtles (a Threatened species) that were successfully hatched at KTTC. This headstart program involves keeping newly hatched Blanding’s turtles for close to two years until they reach a size where they [...]

August 2012

Unusual Turtle Injury

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Turtle #77 admitted to KTTC this season was truly a unique case. The majority of the turtles arriving at the centre have been hit by cars, or occasionally boats. We even get the occasional call about turtles stranded in construction sites or pools. 2012-077 however, came to us having been kicked by a horse! On [...]

First hatchling of 2012!

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On July 30th, KTTC welcomed its first hatchling of the season. As the 172nd turtle admitted to the centre this season, it is affectionately referred to as “PATU 2012-172”. Hatching season is always the most exciting time of the season for staff and volunteers. It comes as a reward at the end of a long and [...]

June 2012

Help KTTC Secure a Larger Space

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June has arrived! All across Ontario, things started moving weeks ahead of schedule. Birds started migrating into and through the province a full three weeks early, plants bloomed early, and the water quickly warmed up. Turtle sightings have been reported since mid-March, from the moment things began warming up. Turtles across the province [...]

May 2012

“Headstarting” the Next Generation

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Since many of the turtles presented to KTTC are females that are looking for nesting sites, our 'headstarting' program came about as a natural extension of the hospital.  Eggs are collected, incubated, and hatched at the centre, and we anticipate that the number will increase this year from the 1000 that we incubated last year.  For the [...]

The Expanding Turtle Trauma Network

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Last year was a record year for admissions at KTTC. We anticipate that admissions will continue to increase due to increasing awareness of our presence throughout Ontario.  In order to keep up, and to ensure turtles receive timely care, we are increasing our partnerships with other facilities. We have provided Turtle Trauma Workshops and now have a network [...]

KTTC Mapping Locations of Turtles Injured on Roads

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Snapping Turtle on a Road Shoulder (photo: Christine Jennings) Ontario has eight native turtle species, seven of which have been listed by both the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and by the Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario (COSSARO) as species at risk. Turtles [...]

March 2012

New Equipment Donated by KCVI

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KTTC would like to give a round of applause to three generous donors. Marc Oullette, of Little RES-Q , donated some lights, fliters, and other equipment to the hospital. Pierre La Chapelle revamped an anesthetic machine for us at no charge. And students of the Environment Club at Kingston Collegiate Vocational Institute raised enough money [...]

February 2012

Development/Sustainability Coordinator: Kate Siena

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KTTC is very pleased to announce that the Ontario Trillium Foundation has granted us $118,700 over 36 months to hire a development/sustainability coordinator. Having a fulltime coordinator will enhance our capacity for fund development, outreach and community engagement. Competition for the coordinator position was stiff - we received over 130 applications over the month of [...]