May 2016

Tracking Turtles – Dylan Cook, May 2016

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By: Dylan Cook May 16, 2016 This past week the OTCC started back up with their turtle monitoring; studying the behaviour, habitat use and survival of juvenile Blanding’s turtles in eastern Ontario. This is my first time working with turtles in the field and it has already proven to be quite the adventure. I had [...]

December 2015

Messy Church Kids Raise Over $400 to Save Turtles!

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Check out these amazing kid heroes! The kids that participate in the Messy Church Program at St. George's Anglican Church crafted, learned, and raised over $400.00 to help us save turtles! With our busiest year yet at the hospital, we sure were glad to have their support. Thank you so much, you guys ROCK! 

September 2015

2015 Fall Visiting Hours

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Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre Visiting Hours We have some exciting news happening now until the end of November! KTTC will have weekend visiting hours from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, please stop by the Centre to meet and learn about turtles, check out our new hatchlings, and enjoy the outdoor education area while the [...]

August 2015

Making Ontario a Safer Place for Turtles

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With seven of the eight species of Ontario turtles listed as species at risk, OVC graduate Sue Carstairs is leading the charge to rehabilitate and protect them Every year more than 500 turtles are brought to the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre (soon to be the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre) with life-threatening injuries, usually because they have been [...]

Great Turtle Turnout at the ROM!

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Education Coordinator, Lauren, showcasing the shell of a Blandings turtle while engaging with the public on turtle conservation. The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center was all the buzz at the Royal Ontario Museum last weekend as families were able to engage and learn about Ontario’s  turtles. The KTTC was visiting as part of the Partners in Protection [...]

We to We Visits KTTC

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It was an exciting day on July 29th at the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center as a group of Me to We campers visited to help with the landscaping and gardening of the new outdoor education center! The sun was hot and the humidity seemed relentless but the campers were in good spirits with high energy [...]

July 2015

For The Love of Tracking

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Blanding’s turtles travel quite a bit and love every type of wetland.  Some wetlands are a bit easier to traverse than others. When I am out tracking, every moment brings out a new adventure, and that’s what I love about tracking so much. There is nothing like spending your days in such circumstances as these: [...]

A New Wild Juvenile Blanding’s!

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Turtle season is in full swing and May is slipping away. The primary goal for this spring season was to find juvenile Blanding’s turtles. It has been a successful season so far, with the findings of two new Blanding’s Juveniles. This is no easy task, as juveniles are very good at hiding under logs, sticks, [...]

April 2015

Awakening from Winter- Headstart Turtle Survival

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Spring has begun and we are back 'turtling'.  It’s good to be back!!  Springtime is busy…checking on overwintering turtles, looking for new wild juveniles and doing population surveys.  My first weekend, I typically feel like I’m floating on a cloud… My excitement is boundless and my senses are honed in on all the springtime happenings.  [...]

Spring is Coming in Like a Turtle ROM Event

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THANK YOU to everyone who attended Spring is Coming in Like a Turtle! Your generosity and support helped to make this event a huge success. On April 9th, guests joined the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre at the ROM for a chance to meet and mingle with our world class turtle veterinarian and biologists. They heard [...]

My KTTC Journey Post #9

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A campaign by Toronto Zoo and Crime Stoppers aimed at educating people about illegal turtle trade compares the trafficking of wildlife to the illegal trade of guns, drugs and people. Good morning KTTC supporters! Today I’m going to focus my post on a more serious topic that I, and I’m sure many other [...]