September 2021

Where the Wildlife Are: Part 1, by Marc Whipp

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Before starting the field technician position for the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, I expected to see plenty of turtles with the odd wildlife encounter while out in the field. To my surprise and delight, in the first few weeks alone, we saw more wildlife than I have seen through an entire summer in past [...]

July 2021

Spring Salamanders, by Maureen Jackson

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Spring 2021 One of my favourite parts of spring is seeing everything outside starting to wake up. I love hearing the birds coming back from their migrations over winter, seeing the spring flowers popping up from the ground and all the new critters that were just born.  When the field crew is out searching [...]

May 2021

August 2020

Turtles in Different Cultures, by Lisa Browning

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People from all over the world can recognize a turtle, they have a distinctive appearance that intrigues us. This sparked my curiosity as to how turtles play a role in human history, throughout different cultures around the world. Blanding’s turtle. Photo taken by Lisa Browning. Most of my research has led to [...]

2020 Field Season Thus Far, by April DeJong

By |2021-05-06T21:32:48-05:00August 4th, 2020|Research, Tracking|

Hello all! As many of you know the field team is out and about tracking juvenile head-started, wild, and translocated Blanding’s turtles, via radio telemetry. We started off the 2020 season tracking 19 turtles and currently we are up to 25 individuals! This season we found a turtle that was lost in 2017, likely [...]

July 2020

June 2020

Field “Firsts,” by Anna Kramer

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Throughout my life I have always loved being outside and experiencing nature. Even to this day I am still awe-inspired by the vast outdoors and I am constantly learning. I feel very excited to be working alongside such a knowledgeable team in a fantastic environment this summer. We have only been working for about [...]

Making Connections (COVID-19 & ranavirus)

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By Lisa Browning As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, it reminds me of the many diseases and viruses that animals are faced with, including turtles. Ranavirus infects amphibians, fish, and reptiles, and has been found in Ontario’s turtles. Just like how COVID-19 can be transmitted through our environments and between humans, [...]

June 2019

Canoeing Through Obstacles, By John Ning

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While most people take a relaxing trip in the canoe and have fun with their friends and family, when the field team takes out the canoe for turtle research, it becomes a full body workout. We are all familiar with strong winds and some uncomfortable waves that prove difficult for canoeing, but [...]

May 2019

October 2018

The End of a Great Field Season

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With the days getting shorter and cool weather settling in, the field season has come to an end! We have been diligently tracking juvenile Blanding’s turtles using radio telemetry equipment in several beautiful bogs, marshes, fens, and vernal pools. Our field team was led by Toby Rowland, and included Kelton Adderley-Heron, Kirstin Pellerin, and [...]

August 2018

The Little Things in Field Work

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There are many things that can go wrong and tamper with our day, things that can make getting through a day a lot harder than it needs to be. And, sometimes, there are what we like to call “The Little Things”. These are the things that help bring a smile to our face after [...]