It was an exciting day on July 29th at the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center as a group of Me to We campers visited to help with the landscaping and gardening of the new outdoor education center! The sun was hot and the humidity seemed relentless but the campers were in good spirits with high energy and an eagerness to be a part of the project. The campers, ages 9-15, planted various kinds of plants (all native to the area of course) such as tamarack and birch trees, cardinal flower, iris, and even delicious raspberry and blackberry bushes (mmmmm.)  While some were busy planting, others grabbed a bucket and shovel to move mulch from its pile and lay it out on the ground to create the walking path which winds its way through the open and grassy area to the neighbouring wetlands.


As the heat of the day continued and the outdoor work was completed, everyone headed into the center to have lunch, cool off, and learn about Ontario’s turtles. The group learned about the 8 species of turtles native to Ontario, their environment, and the  troubles these creatures are facing. They were even joined by Paddy, a resident snapping turtle that has lived at the center for over 3 years now after living as a family pet for 29 years. The kids also had the chance to see the new baby turtles, some of which that are less than a week old!

We hope to see the outdoor education center open at the end of August of this year and we’re excited for the upcoming opportunities it holds for public education and communication!


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