Blanding’s turtles travel quite a bit and love every type of wetland.  Some wetlands are a bit easier to traverse than others. When I am out tracking, every moment brings out a new adventure, and that’s what I love about tracking so much.

There is nothing like spending your days in such circumstances as these: pulling a canoe through waist deep mud; cutting through the forest and walking through a swamp thicket so deep you feel as though vines are wrapping around you and pulling you into quick sand; having so many black flies and mosquitoes flying around that you naturally begin doing a shaking dance where your arms are slapping anything that touches your skin…even when you are safe in your tent; surfing the canoe through hummocks so tight, you feel as though you are stuck on the 401 during rush hour and sometimes you even begin to swear at the unforeseen log that jams you surprisingly! Oh yes, this warms my heart.  Adventures like these are always worth it once you find the turtle.

Here is a video I created of some of my tracking adventures.