With glimpses of Spring all around us, I suddenly realized how quickly time is flying. I am already well past the halfway point in my time with the KTTC, and I have learned so much! I’ll admit I was a little nervous at the beginning because of my lack of turtle knowledge, but I have definitely settled in.

Speaking of settling in, the KTTC is thoroughly enjoying its new location. The progress here over the last few weeks has been incredible. With everything almost all set up, I thought I would take you on a bit of a photographic tour. Here we go…

Welcome! Won’t you come in?

Our new front door


A welcoming entrance.

All the KTTC education animals have been moved into their new homes in the education centre.

Paddy’s beautiful home.

The new home of our resident Blanding’s turtle, Blandella.

Two Stinkpot Turtles have joined us in the education centre

A Painted Turtle and Northern Map turtle also call the education centre home.

















After checking out the education animals, why not swing by the viewing area to check out all the little turtle hatchlings.

You’ll want to be in front of this window when all the little ones are hatching this season!

And when you are done admiring turtles and learning about conservation, why not stop by the shop so you can show everyone how much you love the KTTC!

All kinds of items to show off your turtle love!

That ends the tour for today, but keep an eye out for an opportunity to come visit the space soon!

Until next time,

Intern Laura