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May 2011

Do crossing signs work?

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Eco-Kare in cooperation with the Ontario Road Ecology Group and other partners (including KTTC!) is creating an inventory of the approximately 700 turtle crossing signs in Ontario to determine where and how they are placed in the landscape. The project is funded by the 2011 Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program [...]

April 2011

The Art of the Turtle 2011

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Friday, May 13, 2011 7-10pm, viewing at 6pm Peterborough Public Library $20 KTTC members / $30 non-members Tickets available now online or at Titles Bookstore (379 George St N, Peterborough) Last year's The Art of the Turtle event raised over $13,000 for the KTTC! The event was a resounding success, and our volunteers [...]

November 2010

New Crossing Sign in Port Perry

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Every day KTTC volunteer Leslie Burritt drives through Port Perry on her way to and from work. The town is located on the shores of Lake Scugog, and every spring hoards of turtles hoist themselves out of water to lay their eggs on nearby sandy banks. Leslie became concerned about the many turtles she came [...]

June 2010

Report Your Sightings!

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Remember to report your turtle sightings to the Ontario Turtle Tally or the Ontario Reptile & Amphibian Atlas. Photos are a great way to confirm the identification of the species for these citizen science projects. The snapper pictured here was spotted nesting by volunteer Kim Clark near Ottawa - the distinctive spikes of this dinosaur-like [...]

May 2010

Art of the Turtle is almost here!

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Watch this CHEX News @ 5:30 episode from Monday, May 10 for a sneak peak at the 100 pieces of artwork that will be up for sale next Friday, May 14th, at "The Art of the Turtle".Make sure to get your tickets ahead of timeand invite your friends on facebook!

April 2010

The Art of the Turtle May 14th

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100 pieces of original artwork -- most featuring turtles -- will be auctioned on May 14 to raise money for the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre, a hospital dedicated solely to Ontario’s native turtles. “The Art of the Turtle” event in the auditorium at the Peterborough Public Library, will celebrate World Turtle Day with an array [...]

March 2010

Sierra Club fighting for turtle habitat

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Sierra Club Canada has launched acampaign to stop the Terry Fox Extension in Ottawa and save the Blanding'sTurtle.Please visit their website for more info or to sign the petition:

December 2009

Memberships available through the KTTC Shell Shop

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Looking for the perfect last-minute gift for the nature-lover in your life? How about a KTTC membership? MembershipsIndividual/Family $25.00Student $15.00Corporate $100.00Members will receive a membership card and newsletter updating them onthe operations of the KTTC. Members also receive a vote in how thecentre is run at our Annual General Meeting each spring. Mostimportantly members [...]

August 2009

WWF petition for marine turtles

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A message from the WWF that will interest turtle enthusiasts: Marine turtles are a globally important species, but the number of turtles has plummeted and some populations are now on the brink of extinction. Help save turtles by supporting WWF's campaign and sign the petition today. Four out of the 7 species of marine turtles [...]

May 2009

An Updated Herpetofaunal Atlas for Ontario Beginning in 2009

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Thirty of Ontario’s forty-three species of reptiles are listed as Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Many of Ontario’s reptile species only occur in the southernmost parts of the province, which has become one of the most developed regions in Canada. As a [...]