November 2012

St. Teresa’s Twoonies for Turtles

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Staff and volunteers at KTTC want to thank the students at St. Teresa's school in Peterborough. The students held a week-long "Toonies for Turtles" fundraising campaign and raised $117 to go towards the care of the 180+ turtles that will remain at the hospital through the winter months! KTTC went to the school and presented [...]

17,000 batteries collected to raise $$$ for KTTC

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Counted the final pile of batteries to be registered total to be submitted today:17,307!! We hit the max 50,000 total and are now waiting to hear how much of the $15,000 will be awarded to KTTC! Thank you to those of you who dug out your dead batteries to help turtles! And another hat tip [...]

In memory of Joanne Nicholls

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In memory of Joanne Nicholls (1934-2009), who spent many years saving every dime she could to donate to Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre. Joanne had a special place in her heart for turtles and wanted to do what she could to help them survive. She is warmly remembered as the "Dime Lady" and has raised hundreds [...]

Nov 3 Auction raises $3,800!

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Our November 3rd auction raised just over $3,800 for KTTC! Thank you to all who helped organize and run the event, including Keith Monk, Ste. Anne's Spa, The Chocolate Rabbit, Cat Sass in Norwood, Janet Knight and the Hastings Craft Group, Kawartha Wine, Sharon and Allan Hill, Eureka camping supplies, and many more. Local artists Jody [...]

Nash raised $50.27 swapping stickers

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With a little help from Mom Beverly 17 month old Nash,  raised $50.27 for turtles this Halloween. In lieu of trick-or-treating Nash visited family and friends in his turtle costume, exchanging KTTC stickers for donations.  

October 2012

Unique turtle mosaics donated to raise funds

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Janet Knight is a wonderful artist in the Hastings area who has started a craft group with four other women to create beautiful mosaic tile turtles. Janet was first inspired to create these incredible turtles when she learned about the "Loggerhead Marinelife Centre" near her winter home in Juno Beach, Florida. Janet and her team [...]

September 2012

Rose gives KTTC gifts on her birthday

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Rose and brother, Conor, next to table covered supplies that she collected in lieu of birthday gifts! Rose decided to do something different for her birthday this year, something special for turtles! So her mother, Lisa, contacted the staff at Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre to get an idea of what items we needed [...]

August 2012

William’s koolaid stand brings in $20.85 for KTTC

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On a hot July day 6-year-old William set up a kool-aid and brownie stand at his parent’s yard sale where he raised a total of $20.85! Rather than keeping it, he insisted that it be donated to the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre to help the injured turtles at the hospital. KTTC outreach volunteers had visited William’s school, and apparently the presentation had made quite [...]

July 2012

May 2012

BBQ Fundraiser at Pet Supply Warehouse!

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Your support is needed! The Turtle Trauma Centre, located in Peterborough, is under financial strain due to increased cost and lack of funding. This is an essential service! Seven out of eight turtle species in Ontario are now at risk of becoming extinct. The Pet Supply Warehouse is hosting the second annual BBQ and information day on June [...]