Rose, brother Connor, and donated supplies

Rose and brother, Conor, next to table covered supplies that she collected in lieu of birthday gifts!

Rose decided to do something different for her birthday this year, something special for turtles! So her mother, Lisa, contacted the staff at Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre to get an idea of what items we needed to help us take care of the hundreds of turtles that are admitted to our hospital. They put together a list and distributed to their friends and family and asked them purchase items on the list instead of birthday gifts!

We were thrilled with they arrived at the centre with 4 large bags of goodies that included: gravel for the tanks (two different sizes!), scrub brushes, towels, plastic plants (for turtles to hide under and feel safe), hand soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and light bulbs (for turtles to bask under). These are all items that we use daily and are critical to the ongoing care of turtles that often remain in our hospital for a full year!

Thank you Rose and Happy Birthday!!