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January 2013

Tracking 2012

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This year has been an exciting time for the staff and volunteers at KTTC having had the opportunity get into the field and track some of our very own turtles.  Though this year’s sample size of 10 turtles was small, they were able to provide us with critical information regarding their habitat preferences, behaviours and [...]

November 2012

Road Mortality

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Part of this years field study took place on two of Ontario's highways. A road mortality survey was conducted to determine areas of increased turtle fatalities. The information gathered throughout the season will be used to help develop effective mitigation strategies and act to facilitate increased survival of our Ontario turtles. Although the [...]

October 2012

A Day Tracking

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Wildlife telemetry is a research method used to  gather detailed information including wildlife habitat  usage, home range size, mortality survivorship,  etc. Using an antenna and receiver we are able to track and pinpoint the locations of the transmitters and  the turtles they are attached to. Once the turtles are located they are measured, weighed and photographed.  Notes are then [...]

The Big Day

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This past May, Dr. Sue Carstairs and Fish and Wildlife Technologist Jackie Carnegie took the 10 newly equipped Blanding's juveniles to their new home. The release site was previously surveyed by Biologist Brennan Caverhill and Dr. Carstairs and determined to be ideal for the release and study of the Blanding’s turtles.  The location [...]

Gearing Up

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With the aid of Biologist Christina Davy, Dr. Sue Carstairs and Fish and Wildlife Technologist Jackie Carnegie took 10 of the KTTC’s juvenile Blanding’s turtles and suited them up for their big day. These 10 Blanding's turtles would be equipped with radio transmitters on their shells and be the first of the KTTC’s head starting program to [...]