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October 2018

The End of a Great Field Season

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With the days getting shorter and cool weather settling in, the field season has come to an end! We have been diligently tracking juvenile Blanding’s turtles using radio telemetry equipment in several beautiful bogs, marshes, fens, and vernal pools. Our field team was led by Toby Rowland, and included Kelton Adderley-Heron, Kirstin Pellerin, and [...]

August 2018

The Little Things in Field Work

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There are many things that can go wrong and tamper with our day, things that can make getting through a day a lot harder than it needs to be. And, sometimes, there are what we like to call “The Little Things”. These are the things that help bring a smile to our face after [...]

July 2018

The Wetlands we Track and Travel Through

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The quaking bog, my favourite type of wetland to work in. It ripples when stepped on as a soft Sphagnum layer starts to sink underfoot. This is a landscape of moss, pitcher plants, shrubs and cotton grass fields; darted with stunted tamaracks. Deep channels have been carved around the edges the bog as it shifts [...]

From Volunteer to Field Work

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Weighing a snapping turtle - summer, 2010 Almost a decade ago, while studying at Fleming College, one of my classmates talked a lot about an organization she volunteered for that focused on the rehabilitation of native turtles. The organization was then called Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre and had recently moved to a location [...]

May 2016

July 2015

For The Love of Tracking

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Blanding’s turtles travel quite a bit and love every type of wetland.  Some wetlands are a bit easier to traverse than others. When I am out tracking, every moment brings out a new adventure, and that’s what I love about tracking so much. There is nothing like spending your days in such circumstances as these: [...]

A New Wild Juvenile Blanding’s!

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Turtle season is in full swing and May is slipping away. The primary goal for this spring season was to find juvenile Blanding’s turtles. It has been a successful season so far, with the findings of two new Blanding’s Juveniles. This is no easy task, as juveniles are very good at hiding under logs, sticks, [...]