August 2023

Capital Campaign Update, August 2023

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August 2023 In July 2023, we celebrated our new facility's Groundbreaking! Present were the major pillars of our Capital Campaign as well as local dignitaries. Of course none of this would be possible without the generosity of Mary and Gerry Young, who are gifting their land to OTCC. The whole 100 [...]

January 2022

Maia Schnalzer – Education and Outreach Liaison

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The last few months I have spent at the OTCC have been nothing but exciting. I have been lucky enough through an internship course at Trent University to be an education and outreach liaison at the OTCC. I helped with reaching people far and wide who want to know more about Ontario’s native turtles. [...]

November 2021

Fieldwork in the Fall, by: Maureen Jackson

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I was very excited to continue from the summer to fall fieldwork with the OTCC this year. It has been so interesting to see the behavioural changes of the study turtles and the changes within the field site habitats. As a bonus, the cooler weather meant fewer biting insects! One big change at the [...]

October 2021

Where the Wildlife Are Part 2: by Marc Whipp

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As you know if you read my first blog post, we see all kinds of wildlife while conducting our research in the field. On top of the various species of fish, amphibians, and reptiles I mentioned in my previous blog post, we have come across many more wildlife species. From chipmunks to fishers and [...]

September 2021

Where the Wildlife Are: Part 1, by Marc Whipp

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Before starting the field technician position for the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, I expected to see plenty of turtles with the odd wildlife encounter while out in the field. To my surprise and delight, in the first few weeks alone, we saw more wildlife than I have seen through an entire summer in past [...]

July 2021

Spring Salamanders, by Maureen Jackson

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Spring 2021 One of my favourite parts of spring is seeing everything outside starting to wake up. I love hearing the birds coming back from their migrations over winter, seeing the spring flowers popping up from the ground and all the new critters that were just born.  When the field crew is out searching [...]

June 2021

Education – the Greatest Superpower in the Fight to Protect Ontario’s Native Turtles

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I have a pretty cool job. My 9-5 (sometimes 12-8 depending on the day), is a little different than the average desk position. I spend my day recruiting new turtle troopers from all over the province to add to our growing club of turtle heroes. Now you’re probably wondering how I do that? [...]

May 2021

We’re Building Our Forever Home!

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Spring 2021 Dear Friends and Supporters, We have some “turtle-y” amazing news to share! Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre is building its forever home! “Where Community and Conservation Connect”  Thanks to you, we have renovated two buildings at our new site; a 100-acre farm 10 minutes from our currently leased site. This was Phase 1 [...]

August 2020

Turtles in Different Cultures, by Lisa Browning

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People from all over the world can recognize a turtle, they have a distinctive appearance that intrigues us. This sparked my curiosity as to how turtles play a role in human history, throughout different cultures around the world. Blanding’s turtle. Photo taken by Lisa Browning. Most of my research has led to [...]

2020 Field Season Thus Far, by April DeJong

By |2021-05-06T21:32:48-04:00August 4th, 2020|Research, Tracking|

Hello all! As many of you know the field team is out and about tracking juvenile head-started, wild, and translocated Blanding’s turtles, via radio telemetry. We started off the 2020 season tracking 19 turtles and currently we are up to 25 individuals! This season we found a turtle that was lost in 2017, likely [...]

July 2020