Help Make a Difference

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre helps save the lives of hundreds of turtles each and every year. Without the help of our amazing supporters, KTTC would not be able to operate the way it does. We always appreciate financial contributions, but also value the donation of supplies to help reduce expenses and keep our facility running smoothly, such as the items below. Donations can be dropped off the centre, at 1434 Chemong Rd. #4, Peterborough, ON. For more information, please call us at (705) 741-5000.

Birthday or anniversary coming up? Why not have your friends or family donate to Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre in place of getting gifts?

In the giving spirit? Why not have a look through the list below to donate equipment to a great cause?

 Office/Home Equipment

  • Printer Ink-    Samsung ML 2525W-        Samsung: 105 ink
  •                       HP Officejet Pro 8620-    HP: 951 XL ink
  • Electrical & Masking Tape
  • Dry Erase markers, board cleaner and eraser brushes
  • 40-watt light bulbs





  • Bleach– Regular or oxygenated
  • Laundry soap






  • Power bars
  • Human weight scale– with non-slip surface
  • Timer (timer below has hidden controls)






Turtle Equipment

  • Velcro ties for holding wires
  • Reptile bulbs UVA & UVB– sold at pet/reptile stores

  • Light fixtures 

  • S hooks- 1 1/2 -2” 

  • Scrub brushes for tanks
  • Scoops 

  • Totes for snapping turtles (tan)

  • Hatchling bins (clear containers)

  • Enrichment greenery

  • Foam physio mats

  • Black mats for tank bottoms (“spike-like”)

  • Basking bricks– bricks the turtles can lay on, can be purchased at hardware stores, don’t need to be full bricks

KTTC would like to thank you all for your support and donations!

-KTTC PR Intern Jessica Brooks