Last year was a record year for admissions at KTTC. We anticipate that admissions will continue to increase due to increasing awareness of our presence throughout Ontario.  In order to keep up, and to ensure turtles receive timely care, we are increasing our partnerships with other facilities. We have provided Turtle Trauma Workshops and now have a network of other wildlife centres and veterinary hospitals across Ontario that are working with us to treat injured turtles. Once the cases are transferred to KTTC, space will continue to be our main limiting factor.  While we utilize all available space at our centre, it is running at maximum capacity, and the hunt for a viable alternative in the near future, continues.

New partners include Baywood Animal Hospital (and Baywood South Animal Hospital), in Barrie, and the Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic. Turtles are often found injured by families on their way up highway 400 towards cottage country, and previously we did not have an easy option to present to them to get treatment for the turtles.  Now, Dr. Ian Cook from Baywood Animal Hospital, will be volunteering his time to treat these turtles, which will then be transferred to KTTC once stable.  We extend our heartfelt thanks Dr. Cook and to the generosity of Dr. Greg Mcwatt, owner of Baywood and Baywood South Animal Hospital, for aiding in the conservation of Ontario’s turtles.

The Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Peterborough has offered their assistance during after-hours.  Again, these turtles will receive emergency treatment at KVEC and then will be transferred to KTTC for continued care.  The KVEC partners have gone above and beyond in facilitating this incredibly valuable arrangement, and we are so thankful to them.

No matter where you find an injured turtle, please call us at 705-741-5000 so we can coordinate with drop off with a participating clinic nearest you.