Gina Varrin

Gina marking a Stinkpot as part of a monitoring program

I began volunteering with the KTTC in 2004, assisting with treatments and tank cleaning once a week. At the time I was interning at the Natural Heritage Information Centre of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The NHIC compiles, maintains and distributes information on natural species, plant communities and spaces of conservation concern in Ontario. During this internship I had the opportunity to assist with studies of Wood Turtles and Spotted Turtles, as well as turtle surveys & education programs along the Trent Severn Waterway. The more I learned about turtles in my “day job”, the greater my commitment to volunteering with the KTTC grew!

I eventually became less involved in the hands-on side of the KTTC, but more involved in communication and fundraising. In 2008 I was elected to the board of directors and spent the majority of my time further developing the KTTC’s outreach program – giving presentations, editing the newsletter, and launching the e-news. Although I retired from the board in 2010 I still enjoy helping with the outreach program, and am thrilled to have had a hand in the creation of our newest fundraiser – the Adopt-a-Turtle kits!