Thank You to all the artists, artisans, designers, sculptors, potters, jewelers, quilters, photographers, musicians and authors who contributed their time, materials and passion to support the great work of the KTTC. It is the responsibility of the entire human family to ensure that turtles (and all wildlife) continue to thrive in the wild, and thank you, creative visionaries all, for expressing this principle through your art. With much love and gratitude from the organizing committee of The Art of the Turtle!

Thank You to all the folks who helped make this fundraiser a reality! Thank you to Home Depot Peterborough and Lisa Clarke at Community Living Peterborough for the wonderful display system, the Canadian Canoe Museum and Jacqueline Brown for assistance, and Jeff Deck and Deck Transport for moving services. Thank you Dorothy Taylor for blessings, Anne Trimm, Lucy Brown and Sharon Beaucage-Johnson for kind assistance, Gayle Crosmaz-Brown for support, Hartley Stephenson for postering, publicity goddesses Jeannine Taylor and Angela Johnson atKawartha Now and Donna Matthews at The Connection for media magic, and all those who promoted us on Facebook!

Thank You for the tireless efforts of Dianne Barclay, the KTTC staff, and all the volunteers who worked so hard to make The Art of the Turtle a reality. Thank you to Miles at Renegade Apparel, Events Café, Hansler Smith Limited, RJ’s Produce, Culp Denture Clinic, Melissa Carnegie our amazing photographer, and Mayor Daryl Bennett.

Special Thanks to Robert Hood for installation, having the patience of a turtle, and for his dedication to wild places. Also, special thanks to Chic’n Pot Pi, Keith Monk & Chef Christopher for their amazing generosity, and for making The Art of the Turtle sparkle!

Thank You to all the local and regional business who kindly donated products and services to The Art of the Turtle ~ Bob Zipay atFrameland/Frame It For U Gallery & Custom Framing for the generous donation of custom framing, Ste Anne’s Spa, Domino’s Pizza, Morello’s Your Independent Grocer, Peterborough Real Estate, Peterborough Petes, Bill Kimball and Public Energy, The Toy Shop, Timothy’s Coffee, Pet Supply Warehouse, The Food Forest, Village Pet Supply, Nu Bodies, Body Essentials, and the St. Mary’s Catholic School Children’s Art Group.

Thank you from Dianne Barclay A special thank you to Pegi Eyers for all of her heartfelt contributions of not only time, but of her creative ability and dedication to making this event such a success…..and to Terry Lamont, who contributed his knowledge and generosity to this evening. Thank you for all you do!

This fundraiser would not be possible without the beautiful donated work from the following generous artists:

  • John Parson
  • Freddy Taylor
  • Pat Purdy
  • Micky Renders
  • Jimson Bowler
  • Bronson Smith
  • Washboard Hank
  • Peter Barron
  • V. Gail Hawkins
  • Sue Cowan
  • Judy Hyland
  • Peter Tasse
  • Pam Buckler
  • John Turo
  • Greg Pitts
  • John Boorman
  • Sandra Cole Burke
  • Lucia McHardy
  • Marilyn Goslin
  • David Hickey

Below is a sampling of some of the gorgeous artwork that was dedicated to helping Ontario’s turtles:

painting of a turtle and spirit

John Parson
“Turtle Spirit”
oil on canvas


John Parson “Turtle Spirit” oil on canvas
painting of a turtle
Freddy Taylor (Anishnaabe) Whetung Gallery, Curve Lake “A Turtle’s Voice” acrylic on canvas
mixed media painting
Jimson Bowler “Bought the Farm” from “Muskrat Returns” series mixed media, reclaimed canvas


a painting of turtle
Bronson Smith “Turtle 2013” acrylic on canvas
a marker drawing of a turtle
Washboard Hank Hoorah for Washboard Hank!! (Hank’s new CD) “Happy Turtle” marker
Sue Cowan “Blue-Green Sea” acrylic on canvas
Sue Cowan “Blue-Green Sea” acrylic on canvas


a turtle candle holder
Micky Renders “Turtle Candle Holder” enhanced sculpture
a painting of a sea turtle
Bob Timmons Artist for the Ocean “Save Me” giclee print
stone sculpture of a turtle
Peter Tasse (Anishnaabe) “Small Turtle” unknown stone


painting of a snapping turtle
Pam Buckler “A Snappy Jaunt” pen, ink and acrylic
painting of a lynx
John Turo (Dene, 1952-2007) Turo’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is found in in the permanent collections of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada. “Lynx” Value $4000
mixed media drawing of a man playing a turtle guitar
Greg Pitts “Turtle Rock” charcoal & ink (mixed media)


sculture of a spotted turtle
John Boorman Ambrose-Boorman Studio “Spotted Turtle” sculpture, mounted on rock on wood
a woodblock print
Sandra Cole Burke “Wood Turtle” mixed media (original woodblock print with watercolour)
a sculpture of a woman painting sitting on a turtle's back
Judy Hyland “Sky Woman Painting on Turtle’s Back” polymer clay, wool, cloth


painting of a tortoise
Phyllis Kirk “Love in the Galapagos” giclee print on canvas