Wilberforce Elementary Gr 4/5 Class

Kate from KTTC visits Wilberforce Elementary's Grad 4/5 Class

Becca Pacey knew just who to call when she came across an injured turtle in Wilberforce. The turtle has a fishhook embedded in its nose and was the 222nd patient admitted to the KTTC in the summer over 2011. Once the turtle had recovered, Becca and her family released it back into the wild where they originally found it.

Not only did Becca and her family save this one turtle, but her teacher and the rest of her grade 4/5 class were inspired to spend the year learning about and helping turtles. They’ve heard more about these species through weekly “Turtle Talk Tuesdays”, and will be conducting a turtle tally in the spring to help the municipality of Highlands East decide where to put up turtle crossing signs. The class has also raised $200 for KTTC by donating their allowances and selling turtle art. Each student wrote a letter to KTTC with appreciation of the work being done at KTTC as well as important questions about turtles. Kate Siena, from KTTC, traveled out to Wilberforce to present to the class and was shocked at just how much the kids knew about turtles! They had clearly done their research!

The teacher, Karen Phipps, is now working to expand this new interest in turtles into the surrounding community by organizing a “Community Turtle Talk” at their local community centre. KTTC has been invited to participate! What a great opportunity to educate more people about turtles.

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