In celebration of the Year of the Turtle, we held a contest to design new greeting cards. Entries were judged based on originality (uniqueness of design), creativity, and best interpretation of the KTTC theme. Judging was tough as we received drawings from all over Ontario, but in the end we chose 10 designs to feature on the cards.

Congratulations to the winners of our greeting card contest!

  • Alisha – 10 years old, Peterborough
  • Elia – Beeton
  • Kateri – 10 years old, Pickering
  • Kia – Grade 4, Orillia
  • Jacob – Grade 6, Orillia
  • Logan – 9 years old, Port Perry
  • Louis – Grade 4, Orillia
  • Mitchell – Grade 5, Beeton
  • Shannon – 11 years old, Beeton
  • Theresa – Grade 4, Peterborough

The cards are on sale now in the online shop. Cards are blank inside – perfect for birthdays and other special occasions. A set of 10 mixed cards sells for $10 + shipping & handling and all proceeds benefit the KTTC.

The winners received an adopt-a-turtle kit, and as promised we’ve posted their designs on the website for the whole world to see!