Once again, the KTTC participated in the Spring Cottage Life Show (March 27-29) and had a fantastic time teaching cottagers about the turtles they share their vacation spaces with.

Over the course of the weekend we:

  • Raised $350.29 in donations, t-shirt & bumper sticker sales, and memberships
  • We added almost 100 people to our e-mail list through the draw for “The Cottage Bible” (donated by author Gerry Mackie); congratulations to the winner Carole Porter!
  • We talked to THOUSANDS of cottagers about the snapping turtle that lives under their dock, and people took away hundreds of pamphlets for further reading
  • We got an invite to participate in the Fishing & Boat Show, and were also asked to present to a cottage associations and kid’s groups in the Kawarthas
  • We held audiences captive during our 3 “Turtle Talks”

None of this would have happened without the KTTC volunteers who gave up a good chunk of their weekend to make the trip to the Mississauga International Centre. Thank you Annita, Steve, Laurie, Erin, Lindsay, Gina and Rebecca for helping to make the weekend a success.

Thank you also to The Cottage Life who donated our exhibition space and added our turtle talks to their schedule in the “Sharing the Outdoors” section of the show.