October 2012

Oct 29: KTTC on Under the Sea Radio Show

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KTTC's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sue Carstairs will appear on Under the Sea Radio Show on Monday,Oct 29, 10PM EST. For More information on this episode, visit: You can listen live as its recorded on the 29th, or listen to the recorded version after that date. You can also hear other episodes on the [...]

October 2011

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August 2011

KTTC on Animal House Call

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Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator Kate Siena appeared on CP24's Animal House Calls on August 16th! Watch the episode to learn more about why snappers "snap" and learn other fun facts about turtles.

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KTTC on Cogeco TV’s Focus

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Focus caught up with KTTC in the spring of 2010 to film releases of 2 turtles. The program will on Cogeco Peterborough: Feb 1 at 6:30 pm Feb 2at 6:00pm Feb 4 at 11:30am Feb 5 at 1:30pm Feb 6 at 1:30pm and 5pm Watch a clip from the upcoming show on Cogeco Peterborough's website.  

October 2009

Turtle Videos

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The KTTC now has a YouTube account to chronicle our rehabilitation effort! Snapping Turtle sauntering around the centre Young Map Turtles being released into the wild Other videos of interest: Our Incredible World Snapper Profile Hinterland Who's Who Snapping Turtle Webisode

June 2009

Turtle Release Featured on CHEX News

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June is a busy month at the KTTC. Although we've already had some turtles dropped off to us this spring, we will likely receive many new patients over the next month. June is the height of turtle nesting season and unfortunately this is the time of year turtles are most likely to be hit by [...]