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February 2012

An Inventory and Assessment of Municipal Turtle Crossing Signs in Ontario

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Turtles in Ontario face many challenges, but probably the most obvious is the interaction of turtles with roads as they move to access resources. As more and more roads are built that bisect turtle habitat the probability that a turtle will collide with a vehicle increases. Turtles are especially vulnerable to vehicle collisions because females [...]

May 2011

Do crossing signs work?

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Eco-Kare in cooperation with the Ontario Road Ecology Group and other partners (including KTTC!) is creating an inventory of the approximately 700 turtle crossing signs in Ontario to determine where and how they are placed in the landscape. The project is funded by the 2011 Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program [...]

November 2010

New Crossing Sign in Port Perry

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Every day KTTC volunteer Leslie Burritt drives through Port Perry on her way to and from work. The town is located on the shores of Lake Scugog, and every spring hoards of turtles hoist themselves out of water to lay their eggs on nearby sandy banks. Leslie became concerned about the many turtles she came [...]

May 2009

Turtle Crossing Signs

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There may be no bigger threat to Ontario's turtles than that of busy roads and highways. Countless turtles every year are run over and killed on Ontario's roads. 6 of 8 turtle species are threatened, and those most often killed are females travelling to nesting areas. The loss of females in particular is devastating to [...]