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July 2016

Tracking Those Smiling Faces – Megan Miller 2016

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June 30, 2016 By: Megan Miller - Lead Field Technician OTCC So I landed my summer dream job this year. For the past month I've been tracking Blandings turtles for a headstart program with the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (formally known as the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre). I've been volunteering with this nonprofit for a [...]

May 2016

Tracking Turtles – Dylan Cook, May 2016

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By: Dylan Cook May 16, 2016 This past week the OTCC started back up with their turtle monitoring; studying the behaviour, habitat use and survival of juvenile Blanding’s turtles in eastern Ontario. This is my first time working with turtles in the field and it has already proven to be quite the adventure. I had [...]

July 2015

For The Love of Tracking

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Blanding’s turtles travel quite a bit and love every type of wetland.  Some wetlands are a bit easier to traverse than others. When I am out tracking, every moment brings out a new adventure, and that’s what I love about tracking so much. There is nothing like spending your days in such circumstances as these: [...]

A New Wild Juvenile Blanding’s!

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Turtle season is in full swing and May is slipping away. The primary goal for this spring season was to find juvenile Blanding’s turtles. It has been a successful season so far, with the findings of two new Blanding’s Juveniles. This is no easy task, as juveniles are very good at hiding under logs, sticks, [...]

April 2015

Awakening from Winter- Headstart Turtle Survival

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Spring has begun and we are back 'turtling'.  It’s good to be back!!  Springtime is busy…checking on overwintering turtles, looking for new wild juveniles and doing population surveys.  My first weekend, I typically feel like I’m floating on a cloud… My excitement is boundless and my senses are honed in on all the springtime happenings.  [...]

May 2014

The 2014 Field Season Begins!

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It has been a while since our last post about the little Blanding's turtles that we search through the wetlands to find each week. We had an incredible season last year- every turtle that was raised at KTTC and released into the wild made it in to hibernation. Our staff and volunteers will be posting [...]

September 2013

The Art of Tracking Turtles

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The art of tracking turtles…let me set the mood. I have just canoed to a sweet gale swamp thicket wetland, which was where I last saw the turtle. I am standing in my canoe, antennae in hand.  I begin to point and hammer down the antennae from left to right. Listening to the sounds of [...]