Hello supporters of Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre!

My name is Jessica Brooks and I will be doing my placement at the KTTC from now until the end of April. I am in my final year of Public Relations at Durham College and it is a requirement of the program to complete a one-day-a-week non-profit placement, if I’d like to graduate.

KTTC’s newest PR intern,
Jessica Brooks

 Why did I choose to complete my placement at KTTC?

There were a few reasons why I chose the trauma centre for my non-profit internship. First, last years intern, Laura, had really great things to say about her placement experience. Second, I had seen bumper stickers on vehicles, saying “I Brake for Turtles” and wanted to discover what the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre did and how I could help. Lastly, as a kid I had always wanted a turtle, but was not allowed to have one. What better way to re-live some of my childhood than to be surrounded by these beautiful reptiles on a weekly basis?

What do I know about turtles?

My knowledge of turtles goes about as far as knowing the “Franklin” theme song. I have very limited education and experience with turtles, but this means that I can learn along the way and share the information that I discover with you. I hope that by the end of my placement I will have at least a basic understanding of turtles and will have made some difference at the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre.

I am very excited to begin my placement at KTTC. Keep checking back to follow my journey with “the only wildlife rehabilitation centre dedicated solely to providing medical and rehabilitative care to Ontario turtles!”

Blandella playing peek-a-boo

-KTTC PR intern Jessica Brooks