KTTC is thrilled to be able to introduce “Paddy” to the public. Paddy is a handsome 29-year-old male snapping turtle that was admitted on May 27, 2012.

Paddy is a unique snapping turtle. He was purchased at a pet store as a hatchling 29 years ago! His adopted family was unaware that it is illegal to keep a native Ontario turtle as a pet. It was by chance that the family was at an outreach event in Ottawa this past May. Following the presentation, they approached the staff member to explain his situation. It was a heartbreaking decision to make, but they decided it would be in Paddy’s best interest to surrender him.

After a long drive from Ottawa, Paddy arrived at the centre with his adopted family and introduced to his massive new tank. There were many heartfelt goodbyes and photos taken, but his adopted family was happy to see that he would be well cared for in his new home. Paddy is not a candidate for release due to the fact that his point of origin is unknown and he is completely habituated to humans, it was decided that he would be the perfect candidate for an education animal.

Paddy now accompanies us to all outreach events where he acts as an ambassador for his species to help dispel the many myths associated with snapping turtles! We could not have picked a better representative for this misunderstood species.

Paddy happily resides in the centre where he is lavished with attention by staff and volunteers. While strawberries are still is favorite, he is discovering the joys of eating earthworms! We are extremely fortunate to have Paddy and we look forward to caring for him for years to come!