Thanks to the Trillium Grant that we received last year, and some amazing media exposure, we have been able to spread the word across Ontario of the serious plight of our turtles. As a result, news has spread and Ontario has discovered us! While many more turtles are likely being moved safely out of harm’s way, our admissions are way up and we have been receiving turtles from as far away as Sarnia, London, Sault Ste. Marie, Cornwall, and as well as from Quebec and Kirkland Lake!

As our busiest season on record, 2011 has brought us over 620 turtles since April! 250 of these turtles were admitted having been injured on our roadways (this is a 300% increase from our seasonal norm). We have also further developed our “Turtle Nursery” program with over 1,000 eggs incubating; so far over 350 babies have been successfully hatched, with more still to come!

The centre is cramped and, while we continue our search for more space, we are going to be a full-capacity over the cold winter months with 176 turtles that will remain in our care. While most hatchlings have been released, those that are hatching this late in the season will remain with us until spring.”