Nothing epitomizes summer in Peterborough like an afternoon of tunes and talkin’ ’bout turtles. That’s why KTTC volunteers look forward to setting up shop at the Peterborough Folk Festival each year. Today’s weather was perfect, the music was terrific, and the crowd was – as always – interested in (and supportive of) our cause.

Peterborough loves turtles, as demonstrated by the number of concerned people who stopped by the booth to see how things are going for us this year. Many remembered that earlier this summer we put out an appeal to the public for donations to help us deal with the unprecedented number of turtles being admitted this year. We’re happy to say that donations have come in from far wide and have allowed us to care for the more than 250 injured turtles – and the 800 eggs incubating in the nursery! Anyone who’s ever worked or volunteered with a not-for-profit organization knows that the fundraising never stops though – so we are always looking for volunteers keen to help us raise more funds for the centre. If you are interested in volunteering with the KTTC be sure to contact Kate at info @!

Some of our most dedicated & creative fundraisers are kids. They are always coming up with fun new ways to convince grown-ups to contribute to our cause… like this donation box designed by one of our youngest volunteers which not only asks for cash but reminds us to stop for turtles crossing the road.

And not only are they great fundraisers, but kids have the most amazing memories for facts about critters. We had the pleasure of meeting several youngsters today that knew what a Stinkpot was (Ontario’s smallest – and smelliest – turtle), and which turtle has a yellow chin (the Blanding’s of course!). Many could even name the rarest turtles in Ontario – the Spotted Turtle and the Wood Turtle!

In fact, the KTTC wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for a group of school children from Millbrook known as the “Kids 4 Turtles”. About 10 years ago these kids raised over $7000 and attended council meetings in order to get turtle crossing signs put up all over the county. They also inspired their parents & local conservation organizations to create a centre to help turtles hit by cars. We were super excited to meet Kate Klarer (pictured at right) – one of the original Kids 4 Turtles!

But I digress – back to the folk festival. Thank you to the festival organizers for another great day, and thank you to all the musicians for keeping us entertained all afternoon. Thank you to volunteers Kate, Tara, Gina, Jessica, Harleigh, and Annita for running the KTTC booth. And thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth to say hi and show your support!