December 2010

2010 at KTTC

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In 2010, the majority of the cases were seen by Dr Carstairs at KTTC directly, or by Dr Hiltz at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital. The Toronto Wildlife Centre also generously took in turtles when there was not a vet available in Peterborough. Recently, the Home Depot has donated money to be used to build a formal [...]

November 2010

Feature Volunteer: Gina Varrin

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I began volunteering with the KTTC in 2004, assisting with treatments and tank cleaning once a week. At the time I was interning at the Natural Heritage Information Centre of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The NHIC compiles, maintains and distributes information on natural species, plant communities and spaces of conservation concern in [...]

KTTC Welcomes New Coordinator Lynda

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Coordinator Kate Siena's contract is coming to an end, and while we're sad to see her go we wish her well on her travels this coming winter. The KTTC welcomes Lynda Ruegg as the new part-time volunteer & outreach coordinator for the winter months. The funding for her contract has been generously provided by a [...]

New Crossing Sign in Port Perry

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Every day KTTC volunteer Leslie Burritt drives through Port Perry on her way to and from work. The town is located on the shores of Lake Scugog, and every spring hoards of turtles hoist themselves out of water to lay their eggs on nearby sandy banks. Leslie became concerned about the many turtles she came [...]

October 2010

Over $2600 Raised at Dog Walk

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Preliminary results indicate that the Oct 16 Dog Walk for Turtles raised over $2,600! Thank you to everyone who came out to show their support for the KTTC. We beat our goal of $2000! Final results will be posted here soon! Check out photos taken by our volunteers! If you have pics to add please [...]

Admissions Continue

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2010 has been a busy season - but unlike turtles we do not take a break to hibernate over winter! This year we have had 18 batches of turtle eggs hatch at our centre, with the last batch hatching as you are reading this. Many have already been released back into the wild, but it [...]

September 2010

The Story of Baby Turtles 1, 2 & 3

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Have a turtle story to share? Pass it along and we'll post it on our blog. This story was submitted by a local resident who helped return baby turtles hatched at the KTTC to the wild.Saturday, September 11, 2010 was release day for baby turtles 1, 2 &3.Painted Turtle Mom had been found injured on [...]

120 Turtles and Counting!

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So far this season we have admitted over 120 turtles into our care. Most of these were adults that have been injured on our roadways. Adding to this total are the many, many babies that are currently hatching! One clutch of 51 snapping turtle eggs had 47 successful hatchings! All 47 were released back into [...]

August 2010

July 2010

Kathleen Chong’s Creative Contribution

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KTTC volunteers & supporters are forever coming up with new ways to raise money for the turtles. Eight-year-old Kathleen Chong decided (on her own) to bake chocolate-chip cookies to sell to raise money for KTTC. She stopped by the centre on Friday after school with a dish of money ($29.41), a super-proud Mum, and a [...]