Thank you EVERYONE for making The Art of the Turtle a huge success! With our move to a new location last May, the past year has been a time of rapid growth for our small charity. This growth has brought many challenges, but also opened up even more wonderful opportunities.

Along with many other firsts, this year saw us hold our first gala fundraiser. Our committee and volunteers were both excited and a little nervous to be working on such large event. But the enthusiasm and dedication of our many volunteers, sponsors, donors, businesses – and of course the arts community – made May 14th, 2010 a night to remember. Not to mention the 200 guests who came out to show their support and bid on the artwork!

When all was said and done The Art of the Turtle raised over $13, 000 for the KTTC!!!

For media coverage and a complete list of well-deserved thanks…

We thought you might like to see some of the local media coverage of the event:
Peterborough Examiner Photo Album & Video coverage of the event from May 15th.
SNAP Peterborough snaps from their June issue.
CHEX Newswatch @ 5:30 Features KTTC & The Art of the Turtle from May 10.

The KTTC Board of Directors, Gala Organizing Committee & Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this AMAZING soirée!

To all the talented & inspiring artists:

  • Susan Adams
  • Debra Bannister
  • Peter Barron
  • Jean Beettam
  • Ruth Benns
  • Lesley Blayney, Madame Damselfly Designs
  • John Boorman
  • Johannus Boots
  • Pauline Bradshaw
  • Linda Broere
  • Pam Buckler
  • Ashley Bunker
  • Patrick Burns
  • Elizabeth Burritt
  • Julia Cameron
  • Chris Carslake, Dragon’s Forge
  • Sue Carstairs
  • Iain Carstairs
  • Nancy Carter
  • Susan Chow
  • Marnie Clement
  • Sandra Cole Burke
  • Jo Anne Connell Northey
  • Sue Cowan
  • Fran Crowe
  • Lindsay Dixon
  • Lori Dunn
  • Robin Eecloo
  • Alana Farmer, Random Pretty Things
  • Debi Fitzgerald
  • Corin Ford Forrester
  • Frederick Forsey
  • Sherry Foster
  • Lynn Gehl
  • Wendy Gibson
  • Heather Grant
  • Zaria Grant-Parsons
  • Dianne Green
  • Yvonne Guerin
  • Mary Harris
  • Annamarie Hewitt
  • Lindsay Holton
  • Heather Home
  • Judith Hyland
  • Michael Hyman
  • Debra Jackson


  • Don Ketcheson
  • Corina Kiefert Chester
  • Anna Kluwe
  • Randy Knott
  • Cameron Kuntz
  • Sue LaGrandeur
  • Terry Lamont
  • David Lasenby
  • Penny Little
  • Sharon Mak Lehigh
  • Ed & Darienne McAuley, Singing Dog Studios
  • Terry McCue
  • Angela McCumber
  • Ray McGirl
  • Kristy McLaren
  • Ray McNiece
  • Sue Morley
  • Catherine Munro
  • George Mycock
  • Katie O’Brien
  • Linda O’Hare
  • “Opal” (Jennifer Elchuk)
  • David Parson
  • Marg Parsons
  • Delphine Patzel
  • Carol Peterson
  • Sheila Potter
  • Shawn Prins
  • Micky Renders
  • Anne Renouf
  • Blake Richardson
  • Helen Sheppard
  • Peter Shewchuk
  • Bronson Smith
  • Lois Smith-Brennan
  • Hartley Stephenson
  • Stewart Stick
  • Sue Sydney
  • Christine Sydney
  • Freddy Taylor
  • Deb Thompson
  • Victoria Wallace
  • Maeda Welch
  • Laurel Whistance-Smith
  • Randy Woods
  • Melissa Wotherspoon

And to the volunteers who crafted centre pieces:
Brooke Bays, Lori Dunn, Kaitlin Wilson

To all our hard-working volunteers:

Auctioneer: Keith Monk
Musicians: Jake Dudas; Heather Barker; Christine Annett
Art Installation Team: Rob Hood, Sue Cowan, Yvonne Guerin
Photographer: Keith Borland

To the many many volunteers whose enthusiasm and dedication made the evening a success:

  • Del Patzel
  • Steve Peterson
  • April Poppe
  • Gail Poppe
  • Kara Randall
  • Aileen Rapson
  • Lindsay Robbins
  • Amanda Spence
  • Trevor Stevens
  • Danielle Tassie
  • Lexie White
  • Marla Williams
  • Brooke Bays
  • Amanda Bennett
  • Rachel Bentley
  • Danica Bowen
  • Leslie Burritt
  • Stephanie Burritt
  • Shawn Caldwell
  • Erin Clarke
  • Lori Dunn
  • Kylie Goode
  • Ali Jackson
  • Charity Justrabo
  • Darlene Parsons

To the many giving businesses who supplied refreshments for the evening:
Amsterdam Brewery for donating beer
and the following restaurants and stores for donating food:

  • Black Honey
  • Brio Gusto
  • Dreams of Beans
  • Electric City Garden
  • Maggie’s Garden
  • M & M Meats
  • Morello’s Independent
  • Natas
  • Porcupine Creek Farms of Marmora
  • Sticklings Bakery
  • The Favourite Greek
  • The Magic Rolling Pin
  • The Night Kitchen

And to everyone else who helped make our first ever gala fundraiser a night to remember:

  • Everyone who attended the gala to support the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre
  • Our guest speaker Ontario Biodiversity Chair Jon Grant
  • County Warden J. Murray Jones; Peterborough Mayor Paul Ayotte
  • The Link magazine for ongoing coverage
  • Electric City Garden; Pet Valu Brookdale; Pet Supply Warehouse; Cindy Woolley; Chapters for donating door prizes
  • Jack-in-the-Box for donating supplies
  • The Art School of Peterborough; Sue Carstairs for the loan of easels
  • Titles Bookstore; Pet Supply Warehouse for selling tickets
  • Moira Bloom and the library staff for all their help
  • Dave Woodside of Havelock Cottage Books for printing


To our generous sponsors:

Ontario Trillium Foundation

TD Friends of the Environment

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts,

~ KTTC Board of Directors:
Tracy McNaught, Lysa Borland, Annita Newell, Kathy Parker, Anne Trimm
~ Gala Planning Committee:
Annita Newell, Anne Trimm, Pegi Eyers, Terry Lamont, Gina Varrin, Kaitlin Wilson, Cindy Woolley
~ Sue Carstairs
(KTTC Vet) & Kate Siena (KTTC Volunteer/Education Coordinator)