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Here are some other turtle blogs we’ve come across that focus on the preservation of freshwater or marine turtles. Many of these organizations are moving toward using social networking sites such as Facebook to further promote their cause. If you know of another turtle blog that we should list here pass please let us know!

Turtle Survival Alliance – also on Facebook
Founded in 2001, this organization works with other groups globally on a range of turtle conservation projects, targeting the most critically endangered species. It is involved with a variety of different partners ranging from zoos, private breeders, veterinarians to turtle facilities and rescue groups.

Turtle Foundation – also on Facebook
Founded in 2000, this international organization works to protect sea turtles in selected countries where these turtles are at risk. This site contains three blogs: one for general news and two about news from two conservation projects in Cape Verde and Indonesia.

American Tortoise Rescue – also on Facebook
Founded in 1990, the American Tortoise Rescue seeks to protect turtles and tortoises. It annually sponsors World Turtle Day, an event held on May 23. Its web site contains mostly links to external news sites but the Facebook page has been more active and up-to-date.

Asian Turtle Conservation Network
Active since 2003, ATCN serves primarily as a networking body for individuals and bodies working in Asia to protect turtles. Posts include news from other turtle organizations, from news outlets and even clips from other sites such as YouTube.
This site’s main purpose is to organize information about sea turtles worldwide and make it accessible in one place. It also supports others in research and conservation.

Turtle Hospital of Florida
The blog on this site is very active, having an archive dating back to 1999. Some of the most interesting posts show photos of individual turtle surgeries and their rehabilitation. Along the right side of the main page there is a long list by name of the hospital’s patients.

Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group – also on Facebook
While its primary web site does not have a blog, it is worth noting that it has an active Facebook page with a lot of news and commentary relating to its activities. It is an organization that is involved primarily in captive breeding.